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Cooking Instructions:

Oven/Air Fryer: Pre-heat to 450 degrees. Use your preferred oil (ie. olive or vegetable) and brush the lumpia, making sure the whole surface is covered to get a nice crisp throughout! Place lumpia on a baking/roasting sheet (or fry basket if using an air fryer) Cook for 15-17 minutes, rotating every 5 minutes until they reach a golden-brown color. 

Pan Fry: Use your preferred oil in a non stick pan. Fill pan a half of an inch with the oil and allow the oil to heat up to 350 degrees on medium heat. Pan fry lumpia on both sides for 3-4 minutes rotating the lumpia to get that nice golden-brown color. 

Tip: Use a thermometer to make sure the filling has reached 165 degrees

before serving.


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