Our Story

Fresh from California, Lumpia City is taking on the Midwest with their unique fusion-style lumpia! Owners Alexa and Samantha started their business venture in San Diego (Alexa's hometown), where they began testing out their product at farmers' markets. Starting out with only 3 different types of lumpia (Beefy Mac & Cheese, Sriracha Pork, and Savory Beef & Potato) the girls immediately started to notice how well the public was receiving this new, delicious food. They worked their way up to breweries and festivals, traveling around the city with just a pop-up canopy. 

Venturing out to Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Samantha's hometown) Lumpia City now travels the Midwest in a fun, eye-catching concessions trailer!

July 2016 @photomementos
Sep 2017 Michael Mancuso

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